April 10th                         Mon      Mixed 4BBB Stableford BLACKWELL GRANGE

April 10th                         Mon      Junior IDU Match v Bradford Bradford Hawksworth

April13th                          Thur      Junior IDU Match v York Saltburn

April19th                          Wed      Junior IDU Match v Harrogate Pannell

April21st                           Fri          Junior IDU Match v Hal/Hud Wilton

April 23rd                    Sun        Practice match v Durham County Eaglescliffe

April 24th                         Mon      Late Spring Meeting 4BBB Stableford RICHMOND

May 1st                              Mon      Junior IDU Match v Leeds Billingham

May 5th                            Fri          Spring Meeting for Vice Presidents Trophy at EAGLESCLIFFE

May 21st                       Sun        TSU Scratch Team v East Riding CLEVELAND

May 28th                          Sun        Club Team Championship at BARNARD CASTLE

June 2nd                            Fri          Junior IDU Match v Sheffield Teesside

June 9th                             Fri          Mid Amateur Championship (35 and over)

June 11th                       Sun        TSU Scratch Team v Leeds Howley Hall

June 25th                      Sun        TSU Scratch Team v York  The Oaks

July 2nd                            Sun        NYSD Championship  at CASTLE EDEN

July 9th                          Sun        TSU Scratch Team v Sheffield MIDDLESBROUGH

July 9th                               Sun        Junior Club Team Championship  Sandburn Hall

July 17th                           Mon      Junior Captains Patrons Day at EAGLESCLIFFE

July 23rd                           Sun        Abraham Salver  (6 TO 12 H/CAP) HARTLEPOOL

July 24th                          Mon      Boys Championship, Girls Cham, Junior Team Championship at TEESSIDE

July 26                             Wed      Junior IDU match v East Riding Boothferry

Jul 31st                              Mon      Charles Amer Salver (4 man team)  WOODHAM

Aug 4th                              Fri          Seniors Championship BISHOP AUCKLAND

Aug6th                           Sun        TSU Scratch Team v Harrogate Harrogate

Aug 20th                        Sun        TSU Scratch Team v Hal/Hud EAGLESCLIFFE

Aug 31st                                Thur      I.D.U. Junior Team Championship at Sitwell Park

Sept 3rd                         Sun        TSU Scratch Team v Bradford Bingley St Ives

Sept 8th                             Fri          R.W. Clarke & Past Captains at DARLINGTON

Sept 9th & 10th           Sun        Team Championship at Cleveland

Sept 11th                           Mon      Mixed 4BBB Stableford at Wynyard

Sep 25th                           Mon      Early Autumn Meeting 4BBB Stableford at BILLINGHAM

Oct 9th                              Mon      Late Autumn Meeting 4BBB Stableford at EAGLESCLIFFE

Scratch Team Inter District Union Events Shown in BOLD

Comp Sec Geoff Snowden